Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quite the Gang

So evidently if more than four members of the family are in one place, there is some rule that we have to take pictures. Normally, I put up with a fair amount of picture taking. But it turns out that the more people in the picture, the longer it takes. Add three dogs and it gets out of control.

Only Snickers and Esme look at the camera

But without the dogs, it turns out we can all look at the camera with our eyes open. Geesh. These people are amateurs. But I love them anyways.

We finally get our act together

After a while, I started to get sleepy. Can you blame me? There was no end in sight. I mean everyone else got to take a break and not be in all the pictures. Except me of course. I had to be in every one.

Don't I look cute between Mom and Safta

But then they said it was the last picture. That made me really happy.

Esme is thrilled that this is the last picture

And after the pictures, we got to play and enjoy our vacation. Tomorrow we have to leave Stowe and go home to New York. I'll miss everyone but they promised to come and visit me soon. That will be fun.

Love and cuddles,

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