Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gentleman Caller

So Dad finally relented and let me have my first date. He can have so many rules sometimes: regular baths, clean diapers, lots of naps, boys till I'm 4 months old. Well, Dad let me have a boy over a week early!

I had lots of fun getting ready and trying on outfits. I settled on the Burberry dress Great Aunt Susan gave me.

Mom, how do I look? Think Holden will like my dress?
 When Holden came over with his parents, we took it slow at first being a blind date. But in no time, we were watching my mobile and playing with my toys. It was fun.

Esme and Holden watching the mobile together
Then when Holden wasn't expecting it, I made my move and grabbed his hand. He can be my main squeeze.

Esme goes for it, surprising Holden
We then took naps and it was time for Holden to go home. We had lots of fun and maybe Dad will let me go on another date soon.

Love and cuddles,

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