Monday, December 6, 2010

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkkah

It seems that every night Mom and Dad insist on playing with fire. And it seems to be getting a little worse each night. I mean that's a LOT of candles. When will it be enough?

Esme poses with her Menorot
But I have to admit I like the singing they do first. Especially Dad's rendition of the Shehekianu in his funny noise. That one makes me laugh.

Love and cuddles,

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  1. hi esme.. I have a magazine called Babies & Breastfeeding. We are doing a holiday issue called "The Greatest Gift" You are a very cute hanakkah baby .. Can we include your picture in the issue to break up all the "santa babies"???

    Thanks so much Theresa
    please contact me at theresanesbitt --- at gmail.
    Thank you