Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everyone Comes to See Me

Wow am I popular. Everybody likes to come visit me it seems. My Great Aunt Kate and Great Uncle Marvin came to town earlier this week. Then my Cousin Ali and Auntie Em both on Thursday. I thought that was quite the day until my Aunt Julia and her boyfriend Markus stopped in for a quick visit after they got to town late that night. And they really like me. They came to see me each day since.

Why is everyone staring at me? Do I have milk on my face?

Mom and Dad say they are coming back tomorrow before they drive home to Montreal. But I hope I get to see them again soon. They were lots of fun. We went out to eat, saw the farmers market and other good stuff. We even snuggled on the couch. Well, I'm tired and am off to take a nap. Till next time.

Love and cuddles,

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