Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby's First Vacation

So I had never been on vacation before. In fact, I had never left the island of Manhattan in all my weeks. So I didn't really appreciate these things called space and fresh air that Mom and Dad kept talking about. Turns out, I really like vacation. We got to go visit Cape Cod and stay in a house that was like ten times the size of our apartment at home. And it was right next to this really cool thing called a beach.

Esme savors the ocean breeze with Mom

I spent lots of time relaxing and checking out the view of the water.

Esme ponders the ocean while chilling on the couch

We had lots of fun and went for walks in my stroller. I even got to go to the Lighthouse, Mom and Dad's favorite spot for breakfast. It looked really tasty, but since I don't have teeth yet, I couldn't try any. Maybe I'll get to have some next time.

Dad points out Martha's Vineyard off in the distance
We spent a whole week there. Ronnie and Safta (Mom's parents) came to visit one day and brought their new puppy Sadie who had lots of fun playing on the beach. I can't wait to go back.

Love and cuddles,

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