Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Grandpa Sam

So after our vacation on Cape Cod, we went in to Weston to stay with Ronnie and Safta for a day before driving home. It was lots of fun to see their house. Mom, Dad and I have our own room there. And I got a really snazzy Pack n' Play for the room. It is super cool.

Even better than the Pack n' Play, I got to meet Great Grandpa Sam the next day. He was so exited to see me he couldn't stop smiling.

Great Grandpa Sam likes the view of Melissa and Esme
We went to visit him at his apartment. And when we got there, he was in the dining room with lots of people. Everyone oohed and ahed over me. I guess they don't see babies very often. But all the attention was fun.

Lost in each others' eyes across the generations
After a nice visit we went back to Weston, got our stuff together and drove back home to NY. As a side note, I don't like the car. In particular, I really hate my special seat in the car. Mom and Dad tell me I have to be strapped in there for safety, but I know it's just cause they can't hope to contain me otherwise. I like to counter this move by lots of screaming. They respond by sticking some weird thing in my mouth. I suck and I suck, but no milk ever seems to come out of this thing. And when I spit it out, it magically makes its way back to my mouth as soon as I start crying again. Maybe next trip I'll figure out what it is. But I did love my vacation and especially meeting Great Grandpa Sam.

Love and cuddles,


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