Monday, October 18, 2010

Humoring the Parents

So Mom and Dad keep trying to put me in these devices that other kids supposedly like. First, it was the bouncer. That thing I hated. And I wasn't shy about letting them know that. So the bouncer disappeared and a swing appeared. I didn't like that either. Personally, I think they should both be perpetually on call to pick me up and sooth me any way I like. If I'm in the mood for bouncing, they should bounce me. If I want swinging, they should swing me. I don't see why that won't always work. But they insist on trying these contraptions.

Esme tolerates the swing and almost seems to enjoy it

So just this once I decided to humor them and not lodge a formal complaint when they put me in the swing. Actually, it wasn't so bad. Mom and Dad were super excited cause they got to do something called 'eat dinner at the table'. I don't get what was so cool about the table, but they are weird sometimes. Parents...what's a kid to do?

Love and cuddles,

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